Roe Buck: captured by Ros Crosland

This beautiful buck is probably about 3 years old I think. His antlers are quite tall and substantial with three tines and the beginnings of ‘pearling’ on the shafts. However, the coronets don’t yet meet in the middle and overall size is not as massive as they get later in life.

Roe remain the only deer in the valley: Muntjac don’t seem to have reached us yet. The does currently have young kids tucked away in quiet corners. If they have two or three then they hide them separately and visit each in turn. Later in the summer the mating season will begin and sometimes they lose all sense of caution chasing each other across the golf courses. I’d love to know what the local population is…it must be pretty ideal Roe habitat.

Drake Wigeon on Tong Park dam: also by Ros

This Wigeon, also from Ros’s day yesterday, is unusual here in mid-June. Apparently there are a few pairs on a regular basis in the Yorkshire Dales:

Or this may be one who’s having a year off!

There was an impressive and unprecedented gathering of Gadwall on the dam earlier in the year (up to 24 birds) but they have all disappeared to breed elsewhere.

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