Eels occurred historically in the Aire and its tributaries but were greatly reduced, if not completely wiped out by the pollution associated with the industrial revolution. However, there are recent records which probably represent recolonisation..and possibly some reintroductions.

At least 6 or 7 Eels have been caught in the last few years in the dam at Tong Park:

Eel at Tong Park

It’s just amazing that this fish was probably born in the Sargasso Sea (round about Bermuda) and, in the subsequent 10-15 years will have travelled the Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Humber, Aire and Gill Beck. Having declined by at least 90% in Europe, Eels are now classified as ‘critically endangered’.

The Gill Beck also supported healthy populations of Brown Trout and Bullhead when last surveyed by the Environment Agency. We look forward to the prospect of Salmon and Sea Trout making it past the weirs in Leeds next year when the last fish pass goes in…. thanks to the Aire Rivers Trust:

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