There are still Swallows and House Martins hawking around the cows at Hawkstone today but they look restless. The last Swifts left on 31st of last month.

Chicken of the Woods

Last summer, being hot, was an absolute belter for Chicken of the Woods. I added several infected trees to my long term ‘watch list’. 2019 has been more normal; this beauty erupted within the last week.

Fairy-ring Champignons

This year has, however, been great for fairy-ring champs. It’s always a good year for something!

Yellow Swamp Russula: usually in wet birch woods
One of the huge old Beech trees lining the Beck between the dam and Tong Park Mills
Tong Park, Chicken of the woods, yellow swamp russula, beeches
The numerous carvings decorating the beeches bear witness to the fact that Tong Park
was an important place for local people going back decades

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