You only have until 24th March to comment…don’t wait!

1: Go to the Bradford Council website district plan page

It’s also easy to find by searching for ‘Bradford district local plan 2021’

You will need to register to comment (but this is very quick and easy)

At the bottom of the Baildon section click on the

icon and comment.

You can enter whatever you like but we think the most convincing arguments are regarding Bradford Council’s own stated aims to prioritise ‘biodiversity’, ‘environmental stewardship’ and ‘health and wellbeing’ through recreational activities such as walking and cycling.

Nationally, we have lost 97% of wildflower meadows since 1950.  It’s difficult to think of another place in Bradford like Tong Park. 

You can link to our review of the ecological significance of the valley if you want a bit of back up.  It’s in the blog on our website.

2: Support Friends of Gill Beck Valley in our objections to this development plan and also in looking after the environment in the valley generally.

Drop us an email at and we will add you to the mailing list for news and events.

Thanks for your support

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